proFTPd Administrator

>> Welcome
This is the homepage for "proFTPd Administrator", a web-based tool written in PHP aimed at managing users and groups for a ftp-server called "proFTPd". Because of the ammount of work gone into this project it also doubles as a system- information tool providing information like free hard-drive space, memory- statistics and much more (Something like phpSysInfo - with the notable difference that my status code so far only supports Linux, FreeBSD and Windows NT). To get a feel for how all this works you can take a gander at the screenshots-page and figure out for yourself if this is the right tool for you.

Watch this space for future announcements of versions and other information. If you are looking for the personal homepage of the programmer you won't find that here, and should rather consider looking here instead. However, if you were looking for the "proFTPd Administrator"-pack in particular, or were looking for one that is just that one bit better, then you've certainly come to the right place. To check out how it looks feel free to browse the screenshots page.
>> 18-11-2006, proFTPd Administrator v1.2
Some minor updates and bugfixes. Mainly this fixes the scripts so that parameters are correctly passed to the create user scripts when quotas are enabled. Also by request support for a delete user script has been added.
>> 21-10-2006, review at
A review of proFTPd Administrator, written by Mihai Marinof,s has been posted at
>> 21-10-2006, proFTPd Administrator v1.1
Some minor updates and bugfixes - mainly a workaround for problems due to a change in the way MySQL stores passwords using the default functionality (not a problem in itself, but this created a few problems since the actual proftpd server didn't take this into account). If you have this problem you can now choose another MySQL-subtype from the configuration in order to start saving passwords in a format understood by proftpd.
>> 06-03-2006, proFTPd Administrator v1.0
Introducing version 1.0 of the proFTPd Administrator administration package for the proftpd server. The new version sports a new feature that enables you to move proftpd-logs from the database and into simple files - this'll unclog database on demand, but the entries will off course no longer be available for on the statistics pages. The documentation has been updated to reflect changes found in this tool since version 0.6 for easier and a less confusing installation procedure.

Darek Moszkowicz spent some time hacking at the tool enabling you to administer PowerDNS entries via the same interface. Mike Davis also chipped in by altering the interface so that you can select quota values via drop-down menues instead of entering them manually into a textbox.

By demand I've added a subset of the tool that can be used to allow users to, themselves, log in and view their current account details including transfer logs, statistics and the currently active quota.
>> 23-05-2005, proFTPd Administrator Live-cd demo
Nowadays it seems like everyone have their own livecd to show off their project - so I put together a livecd based on LAMPPIX. The original cd has been remastered a lot to tweak the configurations and make room for this tool. Unfortunately the software on the cd does not support the more advanced features of this tool so reconfiguring via the user interface as well as support for quota will not be possible. It is actually possible to upload data using the ftp-server, but since the cd isn't supposed to touch your harddrive these files will be placed in a ramdisk.

For those of you that still do not know what a livecd is; a livecd is a bootable distrobution that can be used to start a fully usable Linux on a computer without the need to install or even touch anything on the harddrive. What this means is that you can testdrive Linux using a so-called LiveCD by booting from it and play with it - when you're done you simply eject the cd and reboot the computer to return to your usual desktop enviroment without any trace of the cd. The downloaded file is an ".iso"-file and can be burnt to a cd-r using your favourite cd-burning application.

After burning the ".iso"-file to a cd-r you should put it in your cd-rom, restart your computer and make sure that the computer boots from it (if it doesn't - check BIOS settings). Press [Enter] to continue booting when the "Lammpix"-screen is shown. Your computer should now boot and you should eventually end up at a graphical desktop that will also after a short while automatically open a webbrowser displaying the "proFTPd Administrator"-tool. From here you can now configure users to your own delight. A simple ftp-client can be started by clicking on the arrow next to the globe on the panel at the bottom of your screen and then the option named "NcFTP". The standard user added is set with username and password set to "test".

This cd has been put together for demo-purposes only and is not suitable for permanent server solution - although standard security measures have been taken to limit access to the computer running this software. If you for some reason want to use this cd as cd-based server - then please let me know and I'll put together a small guide on how to do this with minimum effort.
>> 12-05-2005, proFTPd Administrator v0.9
After a period of intense part-time development version 0.9 is finally ready and can be released upon those willing to download and use this tool. This release features a bunch of new features, including support for mod_quotatab, developed with a huge ammount of help from Darek Moszkowicz. Other features includes some various tweaking that should make the tool look a lot better on browsers running on other operating systems that Microsoft Windows. Also featured is a partial (90%) hungarian translation.

The sample configuration-examples have been updated and somewhat rewritten so that they no longer include directives marked as deprecated - so if you're upgrading then you should take a look at these. Also, if you're upgrading and want to use the new functionality for "mod_quotatab" you'll also need to import the new database structure.
>> 29-03-2005, Hungarian translation
Appearantly the guys over at VegaNetworkTeam in Hungary has taken the time to translate version 0.8 of proFTPd Administrator to hungarian (Magyar). Those that are interrested in the translation can grab the files from their servers here.
>> 16-02-2005, proFTPd Administrator v0.8
Version 0.8, after a long period where nothing seemingly happened, has been released.

This release builds upon the functionality implemented previously, but takes them one step further by tying it all together a little bit better. Most of the work done will be mostly transparent to the users and for the most part consists of removing the database-specific code and rewriting the whole thing so that it may one day support database alternatives to MySQL.

Hope you like it, and hope those of you lobbying for PostgreSQL-support take the framework I've created in this version and implement the supporting code.
>> 20-12-2004, proFTPd Administrator v0.7
After a long break due to excessive work on things I actually get somewhat paid to do I got around to playing around with some of the new features in PHP5, and as a result of that you'll need to upgrade to PHP5 if you want most of the added features. If you're still using PHP4 and don't want to upgrade yet, this version should work but this haven't been tested (the most significant alteration is that you'll have to edit your settings in "include_old_config.php" instead of the previously used file).

Most of the work was made into placing all text in one file for easy translation to other languages, and as a proof of concept i translated the tool into Norwegian. I might put this information in an XML-file later, but for now I was just experimenting with XML versus "raw" PHP-files when it comes to performance as well as ease of use. This should work with PHP4 as well.

Added a Configuration tab for users that have PHP5 installed, and every option in the configuration-file can be configured here instead of manually editing files. This uses the new SimpleXML functionality in PHP5.
>> 21-10-2004, proFTPd Admin v0.6.1
proFTPd v0.6.1 has been put online. The reason it took nearly a week for me to upload the files (no pun about the land of the winding fjords and such) because of a cable being cut in the middle of a fjort - cutting the entire region I live in from everything called a respectable Internet-connection (during that period of time my connection peaked at around 0,26 kb/s).
>> 17-10-2004, proFTPd Admin v0.6.1 released
This smaller release has been put together by Jostein Martinsen and updates some of my rather arcane coding style (in some places) that created some warnings on newer PHP installations set to display all errors and warnings. If some of the pages don't seem to work for no apparant reason in earlier releases this might be the solution to your problems. No alterations have been made to the database or configuration-files.
>> 04-09-2004, proFTPd Admin v0.6 released
proFTPd Admin v0.6 has finally been released. Highlights for this release include the ability to remove all proFTPd parts of the program - only leaving you with the status part of the page. Also added a few codelines so that the user may specify (in "include_config.php") a script to be run every time a new user is created - this can be used as a means of having the script create homedirectories for the accounts as well as setting the correct user and group ownerships.
>> 02-08-2004, phpSysInfo
Was in the mood for some recreational mangling of code - this resulted in me converting some of the code used for the status page in order to add Windows NT-support to phpSysInfo. As you probably know, this is a tool for displaying system-information via a web-browser on several platforms - however no support for Windows exist so far.

Due to some incompatibilities with Apache/PHP on Windows, phpSysInfo versions 2.1 and up are unusable at this point - because of that I based it around version 2.0. If you'd like to try it out you can download phpSysInfo 2.0 with Windows NT support (no support for Win9x-based OS'es) by clicking the link below (sourcecode for the executables can be downloaded from proFTPd Admin's homepage here on sourceforge).

Download file:
>> 31-07-2004, proFTPd Admin v0.5 released
proFTPd Admin v0.5 has finally been released. Highlights for this release include several bugfixes as well as a complete rewrite of the status part. The status part will no longer display errors if you try using in on something other than Linux - in fact, the status code now supports Linux, FreeBSD and Windows NT (some features may work on NetBSD as well, but this haven't been tested as I haven't got a computer running NetBSD). A new style that I've named "blueish_hue" has been added (see screenshot-page).

The documentation, or rather the installation howto, has been rewritten and now includes guides to installing MySQL and proFTP in alternate ways as opposed to compiling the yourself (if there's something missing - please contribute by writing such a guide). A much needed troubleshooting guide was also required and has been supplied.

I would also like to take the time to thank everyone that has taken the time to install this tool and give it a whirl and especially to those that have taken the time to send me an e-mail and point out which parts of the troubleshooting guide were needed the most.
>> 22-07-2004, proFTPd Admin v0.4 released
proFTPd Admin v0.4 has finally been released. Highlights for this release include an all new look (the same look is used on this page) as well as a few bugfixes. Logs should now conform better to the style. Overview over ftp-connection on the main-page has been rewritten and should now display correctly.
>> 14-07-2004
This web-page has been put together and thrown online. Most of the page is based on the look and feel used in "proFTPd Admin". If you don't like the colours and style, then by all means alter it and send it to me (after all - that is the Open Source way to do things isn't it ?).
>> 13-07-2004
On this very day, with little fanfare or celebration, this project was registered at sourceforge with hope that someday someone will find this one usefull to them. If you like this project and intend to use it, please donate all your funds to XXX-XXXX-XXX (just joking, but an e-mail would be kind of nice). Logo